Mineral County's 8th STEM Festival
March 28, 2020
Speaker Proposal Form
Deadline - February 1, 2020

First Presenter:

Second Presenter:

The following information will be used in the program distributed to participants at the STEM Festival.

A display is a table or tables where participants walk by and either pick up or read informaton. A presenter may or may not be present to interact with them.
An Interactive presentation is a 'hands on' activity where the participant physically interacts with some objects on an untimed basis. The presenter must be present.
A Presentation is presented in a classroom, lab or outdoor setting beginning at a specific time and for a specific duration. The participants may or may not be physically interacting with some object.
A Competition produces one or more winners. The competition may be ongoing or at a specific time, but at some time winners are announced. Any awards given are the responsibility of the presenters.

Presenters are required to bring their own exhibit materials including computers.